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We will start a crowd-funding campaign as a test to see if Singapore is ready for such an organisation. When we hit one year’s budget, we start the organisation. If this campaign cannot attract enough funds within a year, we refund the cash and wait for a better opportunity in the future.

For the initial setup, we will use the application fees to engage customer service volunteers to clear the backlog of new applicants. Those who donate at least $50 can apply to offset their application and membership fees from their donation.

A individual can choose to play more than one role in the organisation, as long as the roles do not conflict with each other and are legally permissible. All paid key volunteers are required to commit for at least 1 year from the time they signed on.


A minimum annual budget obtained from Membership Fees: $20 x 600 = $12,000

$1000 honorarium each
1 logistical & marketing volunteer (event organising)
1 technical support volunteer (web and IT support)
1 legal & compliance volunteer (Secretary office holder)
1 accounting & finance volunteer (Treasurer office holder)
1 leader (President office holder)

$600 honorarium each
8 official admins (who also assist with vetting/onboarding new members)
2 assistant office holders (Vice President, Assistant Treasurer)

Other costs: $1,000
(e.g. virtual office rental, bank charges, accounting, legal fees)