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Do note that a non-refundable $100 application fee will be charged; this is a honorarium for volunteers to vet new members.


Individual Membership: $25/month

Autistics and NeuroDivergent (ND) people, this is a cool and safe place where you can make friends, vent about your frustrations and get helpful advice. If you are too broke to pay for it, you can apply for financial aid funded by donations from our volunteers and well-wishers.

You can also apply to join if you are not autistic/ND but want to connect with the community for beneficial and wholesome purposes. We welcome social workers, researchers, journalists, policymakers and inclusive-minded members of the public to join us.

Do note that we have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating, abuse and solicitation for controversial causes. Any attempt to do so will result in an immediate ban. Offenders will also be reported to the relevant authorities and disability organisations for followup action.


Family Package: $50/month (covers parents, spouse and children of autistic/ND members)

Think of the social support groups as a low-cost coaching and mentoring service with community supervision well worth your investment. It is also a place where you can interact with other caregivers and family members to exchange tips and provide support.


Small Non-Profit Membership: $50/month (<10 full-time staff)
Emerging Non-Profit Membership: $100/month (<50 full-time staff)
Large Non-profit Membership: $500/month

Non-profits managers, we give you insights and access to the people who you are supporting beyond those who are already on your membership lists. You can also coordinate with other non-profit partners to avoid events that conflict with each other.

For a relatively small price, you can give your staff and volunteers (or faculty and students) direct access to the community for research, marketing and community support purposes.


Small Corporate Membership: $100/month (for organisations with less than 10 full-time staff)
Emerging Corporate Membership: $200/month (for organisations with less than 50 full-time staff)
Large Corporate Membership: $1000/month

Business owners, this is a great place to share about your services directly with your target audience; there will be no trolls and fake reviews unlike the other social media platforms that you have used.

For a relatively small price, you can show that you care for the autism community. You will also be able to reach out to the community to try new prototypes and get feedback on how your products and services can suit their needs better.