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Self-sustainable: We are here to stay. We aim for self-reliance so we can always continue our core work no matter the external environment. Rather than rely on external parties that can withdraw funding at any time, we aim for financial security that allows us to operate independently.

Wholesome: We look beyond just technical competencies and survival. We promote and inculcate traditional wholesome values for the autism community so that we develop new generations of autistic leaders with integrity and authenticity.

Equality: We believe that everyone has a responsibility for creating change, including autistics. We aim for reasonable expectations rather than unconditional inclusion. We consider the support that we give from the viewpoint of making investments rather than as charitable inclusion.

Community: We represent the interests of the common person-in-the-street. We believe that autistics and caregivers, rather than professionals and policymakers, should be at the centre of what we do.

Pragmatic: We focus on what we can do today rather than idealistic visions of the future. We research people who have solved problems rather than people who are experiencing problems. We choose to create win-win alternative solutions rather than engage in combative lose-lose advocacy.



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