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Existing autism organisations focus mostly on caregivers and autistic children; their support for adults tend to be targeted at autistics with higher support needs. Pan-disability organisations tend to focus on simple visible disabilities (e.g. physical, sensory) rather than complex invisible disabilities (e.g. autism, psychiatric). There is a need for a dedicated organisation to fill in the gap in support for adult autistics with low support needs.

For autistic/Neurodivergent adults, we create safe and supportive communities where they may socialise, work and live in. For children, we support caregivers in providing home-based education using naturalistic and humanistic approaches. When Neurodivergent people are no longer limited to systems and communities designed for NeuroTypical people, they have the best chance to thrive and realise their fullest potential.

Unique problems require unique solutions, unique people require unique support systems. The vision and mindset for this non-profit are inspired by the spirit of the founding of modern Singapore, a unique country that has found its uniquely different way to thrive rather than try to imitate other bigger nations.

We are here to protect the disadvantaged, oppressed and neglected. We are here to fulfil a grand vision of realising our full potential against all odds. We believe in pragmatic approaches rather than unachievable ideals. We believe in working together united instead of being divided by our differences. We believe in promoting justice, equality and prosperity.

We believe that everyone is individually responsible to work hard for a better future including autistics. Each of us can make a difference even without university degrees and millions of dollars. We are the small but mighty changemakers living in the small but mighty nation of Singapore.