NDCA » Mission » Community Defence

Highly vulnerable autistics need a strong defence force that deters potentially harmful people from attacking. When attacked, we must be able to defend ourselves effectively. At the same time, vulnerable members of the wider community also need to be protected from harmful and disturbing behaviours of some autistic people. We cultivate strong relationships with like-minded parties so to deal with threats both within and outside our community.


1) Legal Support

  • Supporting autistics who are having legal and related difficulties
  • Supporting non-autistic people who are being harassed or harmed by autistic people
  • Seeking redress for autistics and their caregivers who are discriminated against by employers, insurers and other parties
  • Working with the police, government and disability organisations to expose people seeking to exploit, harm or prey on autistics

2) Public Relations

  • Engaging with representatives of the mass media on appropriate and inclusive portrayals of the autism community
  • Promoting an accurate, positive and empowering understanding of autism
  • Mediating as a neutral third party between different stakeholders in the autism community

3) Influential Connections

  • Networking and engaging with influential allies beyond the disability community in Singapore
  • Building an international network of trusted partners that can support autism initiatives