NDCA » Mission » Digital Defence

Lonely and vulnerable autistics seek solace on social media and online communities. They often expose too much of their private information and attract predators. They are more easily influenced by propaganda to take up radical beliefs. They are often rejected from multiple groups when they engage in inappropriate behaviour. We work with like-minded parties to create the following solutions:


1) Community Intelligence Network

  • Early warning of new threats (including human, informational and ideological) to the autism community
  • Detection of at-risk members of the community and securing timely support/intervention for them
  • Supporting social workers, disability advocates, researchers and policymakers with on-the-ground intelligence

2) Protected Social Space (on the Discord platform)

  • Member-only space where only verified and appropriate people are allowed to join
  • Where applicable, moderation to ensure that topics and behaviours are appropriate for members of each group
  • Real-world identities and message histories are available to facilitate any potential investigation

3) Protecting Online Autism Communities (external to the Discord platform)

  • Deploying socially competent observers to autism chat groups to detect threats and at-risk members
  • Deploying socially competent mentors to advise autistic leaders on safer ways to run their communities