NDCA » Mission » Economic Defence

Autistics who wish to live their desired lifestyle free from outside interference have to improve their competitiveness and attractiveness so that they can contribute in a unique and relevant way to the world. To handle any unexpected changes, they also need to handle financial decisions wisely and build financial security (e.g. savings and insurance). We work with like-minded parties to address the gaps for support in this area that go beyond existing models and mindsets about disability support:


1) Social Enterprise Partnership

  • Working with partners to create social enterprise startups to serve the gaps in the community
  • Part of the profits of the social enterprises will be channelled to fund the non-profit
  • Existing businesses can also sign up for the partnership by pledging their profits to the non-profit

2) Life After Death (of the caregiver) Support

  • Developing unconventional approaches for sustainable careers instead of just studying for paper degrees to get a full-time job
  • Providing and deploying solutions that can handle technological automation and long-term inflation
  • Training autistics on overcoming autism’s limitations so that they are self-reliant and able to create their desired lifestyle

3) Caregiver Financial Partnership

  • Providing supplementary honorarium for caregivers who volunteer to serve the autism community
  • Providing part-time employment for home-based caregivers by connecting them to organisations that need part-time/freelance help
  • Working with caregiver+autistic teams to launch social enterprise startups that can both train their child on employability skills as well as provide a source of income for the family