NDCA » Mission » Psychological Defence

Autistics often face a hostile social environment while receiving little support or acknowledgement of their needs. Their ability to overcome threats and challenges depends on their resilience and fighting spirit. Their ability to stand up for themselves depends on their resolve and emotional maturity. It is essential for us to promote wholesome traditional values to inoculate autistics against unhealthy influences. We work with like-minded parties to provide the following solutions:


1) Social Connecting Services

  • Befriending Networking: Finding safe and sincere people to befriend
  • Interest Group Networking: Finding safe and sincere people to discuss certain hobbies and areas of knowledge
  • Dating Networking: Finding inclusive and sincere romantic partners (both on and off the spectrum) for autistics

2) Big Picture Intervention

  • Providing safe online spaces for autistics to vent and ask for advice
  • Assessment of all aspects of autistic individuals’ lives and connecting them to suitable sources of support for resolving these
  • Providing support and mediation in difficult cases, such as conflicts between autistics and their family members
  • Raising awareness and starting conversations of difficult issues such as a non-autistic person marrying an autistic spouse

3) Leadership Training

  • Study Groups for autistics to learn self-improvement, personal mastery and leadership topics
  • Partnering other changemakers and organisations to run activities where autistics support worthy causes as equal partners
  • Coaching to support autistics to do quality advocacy in a win-win, non-confrontational manner
  • Conducting courses for autistics to learn to unleash their potential and to support others