NDCA » Services

Stage 1: starting up as a non-profit

  • Run members-only community chat groups on a secured social platform
  • Co-organise simple social events with the community for autistics with low support needs
  • Launch a surveillance network to detect threats and monitor at-risk members within the autism community
  • Let users of autism services contribute independent reviews of autism service providers
  • Let people who tried different solutions rate their effectiveness (e.g. special diets, biomedical supplements)
  • Support community emergency broadcasts (e.g. missing children alert)
  • Actively support researchers in recruiting participants for autism research work within the autism community

Stage 2: able to secure reliable sources of funding

  • Launch homeschooling support and caregiver training programmes based on Waldorf Approach for Home-based Education
  • Launch an insurance fintech startup to cover the autism community, eventually expanding it to other under-insured people
  • Engage with caregivers to launch/restructure small businesses that can support autistics with long-term employability
  • Engage with mass media representatives regarding portrayals of autism

Stage 3: able to hire full-time staff

  • Provide mental wellness, social work, mediation and legal services for the autism community
  • Launch freelance job agency services for high-potential autistics
  • Organise self-improvement study groups for autistics based on wholesome self-improvement materials
  • Create “Changemaker Champions” comprising volunteers and staff who each take charge of specific support gaps in the autism community
  • Form a “Shadow Cabinet” to advise policymakers on win-win solutions for supporting the autism community

Stage 4: able to rent physical activity space

  • Organise advanced social events for autistics with low support needs such as matchmaking/dating sessions, fashion makeovers, pageants, talent shows, improvised performances
  • Organise autism-friendly networking sessions for caregivers, autistics, changemakers and other allies
  • Organise family coaching workshops to draw up family constitution + explicitly define responsibilities and goals of each member

Stage 5: able to operate a large centre

Stage 6: able to expand to new branches in Singapore

Stage 7: able to expand to new branches in Southeast Asia

Do note that plans are subject to change based on the evolving situation and unexpected new developments.